Monday, February 4, 2008

Kitchen "Non-Confidential"

Okay, I've really been thinking about doing something to my kitchen to make it a little more interesting and unique, (it's pretty blah right now--okay very blah!). I live in a rental but can paint and do pretty much anything to update short of gutting the place. Here's what it currently looks like...I know it's small, but that doesn't mean it can't look cute, right? I've been inspired lately by other bloggers to do some DIY (if you know me, that's pretty unusual-at least when it comes to being handy around the home). Here are a few ideas I have been playing around with lately...

Of course, my first thought is to problem is, I'm having a hard time choosing a color. The kitchen is right off my living/dining room which is painted purple. I want to do a color that won't overpower the small space and will coordinate with the rest of my decor: I went to Benjamin Moore's website and found a photo that's similar to my kitchen. I set it up so the walls are the same color as my living room...check out my current favorite combination here and feel free to play around! Let me know your suggestions!!

My cabinets obviously don't match, someone took the time to paint the upper cabinets but decided to skip the base cabinetry (I've given up trying to figure out why...). I'm trying to decide if it's really worth the time and effort to do the base cabinets...stay tuned to see if I get motivated enough to take the plunge! I do want to add some hardware, regardless, and have been looking at various knob choices. I haven't decided if I want to go with a more classic look like these: (bin pull on the left from Van Dykes Restorers, knob on the right from Restoration Hardware)

or something more vingate "inspired" like one of these cute choices from Anthropologie:

Ummm, I feel the need to confess a slight addiction to the Container Store...I dragged my parents there when I moved in because I wanted to put up shelving above my stove. The person that lived here before me "stole" the shelf she had there and I was left with nothing (hello!! serious waste of space, people!). I ended up getting some Elfa shelving which worked out great! It's extremely sturdy (my dad needed some convincing) and adjustable so it fit my needs perfectly, and I can take it or leave it when I move out! I really wish I had the space to do a set-up like the one they show in their catalog. I also really wish I had that range...:
I've been using these awesome French Hermetic Jars to store dry goods such as flour and sugar. They're air-tight so your food stays fresh (and they're cheap to boot!):The only problem is, they're not labeled so sometimes I have to figure out which is the sugar and which is the salt! I think I might solve that problem with these cute hang tags fromSarah Kate's Kreations.

One of the ideas I've been contemplating for quite some time now is how to display these fun plates I found at the Crate and Barrel Outlet store (they were $1.00 each--bargain!):I would love to show them off in this plate rack fromWisteria but I don't really have anywhere to put it. I'll have to put it on my wish list for when I get a bigger kitchen:Instead, I think I'm going to try to hang them on the soffit above the upper cabinets a-la the photos I posted earlier this week from designer Kelly Wearstler. I found another fun layout at and, thankfully, Martha Stewart has an easy way to set up a layout without punching twenty holes in your wall. I think I need to find a few more patterns to mix in to make it a little more interesting (antiquing anyone??).

My final idea (at least for this post) comes from Nicole Bach over at Making it Lovely. She posted her remodeled kitchen in the fall of last year and I really love what she and her husband did (mostly DIY I might add). The crisp white subway tiles and white cabinets really update the look of the place and I'm in love with the cute roman shade she made for her window. I'm thinking of making something similar for my little window...I must learn to sew!! Here is a closeup of her charming creation:and here is a picture of some beautiful Merimekko fabric that I found today:I haven't decided if the scale of the pattern is too big for this little window but I'm thinking that adding some turquoise grosgrain ribbon around all the edges as well as the ties may help give it the presence it seems to be lacking. Any thoughts??

Whew! I have some work to do...anyone want to help??!! I'll supply the pizza and beer!


Cindy said...

I'll help if you make it Arby's and Pepsi! I like the turquoise but maybe in a subtler tone, something that would match the turquoises in the plates. And I definitely think it would look nice if you painted the bottom cabinets.
Love ya sis!

Marjorie said...

You're certainly bubbling with great ideas today! I love playing on the Benjamin Moore site. I prefered an accent color that is pale yellowish (nacho cheese works but I would refuse to buy a color with that name!) or olivy. And once I saw the Marimekko fabric, which I love, I decided that the way to go would be to match the green in that and then use turquoise trim on the curtains. Marjorie

Jane said...

I'll help too, and Arby's works for me too. I'll be buying glossy paint for our powder room, per your advice, maybe that will work on your cabinets too. I'm up for antiquing any day of the year!

love, mom

JLC Studio said...

Marjorie: Thanks for the suggestions, I like the idea of yellow too...I was kind of thinking the color of my sister's old kitchen but toned down a little (it was really bright and sunny). I'll have to check out the color you suggested! My bedroom is green so I'm a little hesitant to do more green in the kitchen. I think I'm going to get a couple of Benj. Moore's little samples and try some different colors...I'll keep you updated.

Cindy and Jane: When are you available!! LOL! I don't think there's an Arbys by me though :(