Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscars Glamour

I'm admittedly not much of a fashionista, but I do like to watch the Oscars to see what people will wear...I just have to ask, what was with all the red and black???!!! Seriously, I think people should have talked to each other before hand (or at least their stylists should have) so they didn't all show up in the same color! Does this mean red is coming back? I hope not, I was ready for yellow and blue! Anyway, here are a few of my favorites (most of them are red...that's all I really had to choose from):

I think she had the best overall look...flawless!

Beautiful but I wasn't too crazy about her makeup.

Red again but I like how it sets off her ivory skin.

She manages to get it right again! Gorgeous!!


Very chic, and I love her jewerly!

I love this dress...

While I wasn't crazy about the her overall look...I'm so glad someone wore something other than red or black!! (and the mom-to-be does look very pretty)