Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Flickr Find

I was just browsing around on flickr trying to decide what to post (and feeling very hungry apparently) when I found these...Cupcakes!!! I've always loved a good cupcake, they're the perfect size and they come in their own wrapping. There were actually quite a few pictures to wade through (and quite a few groups dedicated to cupcakes if you can believe it) but I chose these photos because, while the cupcakes look absolutely delicious, they are also well photographed (at least in my humble opinion). I think I'm going to try to bribe my sister to join me in making some yummy cupcakes this weekend! Hopefully they turn out half as good as these look. Have a great weekend everyone!!

rose cupcakes 1832, originally uploaded by hello naomi.

cupcakes, originally uploaded by MatthewA.

Sunflower Cupcakes, originally uploaded by PinkCakeBox.

glazed lemon cakes, originally uploaded by supergail.

IMG_02531, originally uploaded by mysweetandsaucy.

SWEETIE PIE, originally uploaded by snowy's goodthings.

valentine10, originally uploaded by mumutchan.

Rose Covered Cupcakes, originally uploaded by Bakerella.

Cupcake bouquet, originally uploaded by paulahennig.


Melissa Lewis said...

The chocolate cupcake with the green ribbon looks so handsome, and so scrumptious. Be sure to send a cupcake my way!

Cindy said...

You just made me very, very hungry. Bribe me with what, exactly?

JLC Studio said...

Bribe you with the presence of my company (of course!)...JK, bribe you with cupcakes!!!

rtisan said...

wow, I love those cupckes, especially the rose covered ones. they look like works of art

design for mankind. said...

OOOH, these are SO beautiful!!! :)

JLC Studio said...

LOL-I'll send you a cyber cupcake Melissa, velvet with buttercream frosting!! Thanks for the comment!

JLC Studio said...

rtisan and designformankind-I agree, isn't it amazing the things they can do with cake decorating now-adays?

hazel said...

Such beautiful colors! I'll take one of each!

Meg --> Bode22 said...

wow. i never thought of cupcakes as something that could be gorgeous! these are beautiful!