Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rock and Roll!

This is the coolest furniture line I've seen in some time...It's a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces designed by the British duo Jimmie Martin. Each piece is custom painted and embellished with grafitti-inspired wording and chic colors. I love how the antique and vintage pieces are totally updated and given a new urban feel with just some paint and a marker. I could totally see these pieces used in a restaurant or boutique store, I just wish our clients were rock and roll enough to handle it!

The Stardust Cabinet is painted gold then written on with with black markers and spraypaint.

The I Used to Be Blue chair has a black leather upholstered seat and a painted canvas back.

The Silver Imperfection console is just too cool! I LOVE the lacquered orange interior...LOVE IT!!

This Cocktail Cabinet features a handpainted cupid image over orange paint and has a black emulsion finished interior...

The collection of Imperfection Chairs feature hand-painted artwork and wording written on fabric and frame alike.

The Imperfection 6 wardrobe is so dynamic with the striking black wording over the crisp white background.