Sunday, March 9, 2008


So, I've been tagged for the very first time! I guess this means that I'm supposed to provide you readers with seven random facts about me and hope that you don't die of boredom!! But seriously, fellow jewelry designer, Lisa, of Studio Jewel has tagged me and, therefore, here are some curious and hopefully not-to-dull things about me that you probably never really wanted to know in the first place.

1. I love to dance! I'm not talking about ballet or anything, but give me something with a good beat and I will be on the floor. I love music and seriously sometimes cannot control the urge to move. My favorite music to dance to is old school house (yes, you read that correctly).

2. I cannot roll my R's. I have tried and tried, but dice.

3. I might be a little OCD when it comes to organization. I visit the Container Store at least once a month (in fact, I went there today).

4. One of my greatest fears is flying...I'm not saying that I won't fly, but it usually takes the most amount of courage I can muster and extremely white knuckles from gripping the armrests (especially during takeoff). I should also mention that something usually seems to go wrong when I do fly, like the last flight out for the night (which I'm supposed to be on) being cancelled, therefore stranding me at the airport. Or my plane's cabin losing pressure at 30,000 feet-oxygen masks falling from the ceiling and an emergency landing in Miami Florida (no, I'm not making this up-here is a picture to prove it):

5. I have never been outside of the U.S. (this may have something to do with my fear of flying) but I'm determined to visit Europe before I turn 35 (I'm 28 so I figure I've got some time on this one).

6. In high school, I used to twirl a rifle in marching band. I did it all four years and marched in a total of nine parades. They called us the "Rifle Squad" (no joke...okay, you can stop laughing now...)

7. I'm a little bit addicted to Guitar Hero and Rock Band (for Playstation and X-box). My sister and brother-in-law and I will play for hours at a time until we can't see straight. We have recently recruited my Dad to the "Dark Side" as well.

Well, there you have useless facts about me. Thanks for reading and hope you didn't laugh too hard at some of my idiosyncrasies.

The rules of this little game state that I have to tag three other unwitting souls out there in blogland so we can learn a little bit more about them. I choose the following:

Melissa of Off The Wall
Meg of Bode 22
Raven of Dirty Pretty Things

Sorry girls...spill!


Meg --> Bode22 said...

lol. this was a fun post. i look forward to thinking up 7 not-too-boring things too. :) thanks for the tag!

Cindy said...

All things I know about you already but it's funny to see you share them with the masses. Good choices!

thebeadgirl said...

thanks for playing along...they were great! i think we might need to get together sometime to go to the container store then make jewelry! i love to organize! :)

JLC Studio said...

No problem Meg!

Thanks for the Tag Bead Girl...anytime you wanna meet at the Container Store...I'm there!

Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...


Oh I'm jealous you have a container store. The closest I have ever gotten is online. But if I had one, I would be right there with ya sista!

Thanks for the tag, I'm currently pondering over anything about me that could be somewhat interesting:)