Thursday, March 6, 2008

Beautiful House Tours

I just discovered Cookie Magazine through A Cup of Joe and I got lost in the great house tours they have posted on their blog. Here are a few of my favorites (check out the links for more pictures and interviews with the owners):

Chic Sophistication in Ohio

Bold Color in Portugal

Bright Warmth in Arizona

Cheerful Modernity in London

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Melissa said...

Fabulous rooms!! I MUST HAVE those silhouettes (sp?). I've been dying to get them made! Off to search...

monamigreetings said...

Gorgeous rooms! I want to live in every one of them.
Thanks for sharing!

I thought your beautiful blog looked familiar, and then I remembered why. I entered your contest, LOL!

JLC Studio said...

Melissa, I just saw something on someone's flickr explaining how to do an easy silhouette...I'll try and find the link for you...

Thanks for the comment Monami, the contest ends tonight so good luck!!