Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The finale of Project Runway Season Four is on tonight. My sister and I have been watching the show like addicts and can't wait to see who wins (my vote is for Christian). I thought I'd share a look back at some of my favorite designs from this season in preparation for the showdown between Christian, Jillian and Rami tonight! It should be fierce!

Here is Christian's design from the first episode (which he would modestly describe as fierce!)

This is Victorya and Kevin's piece that won the challenge from Sarah Jessica Parker to create a piece for her clothing line, Bitten.

Rami's creation for the Hershey's challenge using items scavenged from the Hershey's chocolate store...LOVE it!

A look at Jillian and Victorya's avant garde design featuring a trench coat to die for!

I love the dress Rami made for the art-inspired challenge modelling the Grecian statues from the Met.

Jillian's gorgeous creation for the final runway show before Bryant Park.

So who do you think will win!!??


Cindy said...

You know I want Jillian to win! Too many puffy sleeves from Christian. He is pretty impressive for only being 21 and fresh out of design school, though.

design for mankind. said...

woo hooooooo!!!! no idea; i don't watch it, but i do love the blogger updates!

Cindy said...

I watched it! parselforce has it up on youtube so when you watch it give me a call and let me know what you think!

JLC Studio said...

MR told me who won so I already know that but he said it was really moving? He didn't get a chance to elaborate before he ran out the door for a meeting. I'm watching it as soon as I get home!!!!!!!

freshie & zero said...

I thought it would be between Jillian and Christian but when they showed all of their collections, all of the clothes were of such high quality that I didn't really see one of them standing out as the best or worst. I'm glad Christian won, though - I think he is hilarious and extremely talented!

Ivey HandCrafted said...

my favorite favorite show - and I was so happy that Christian won! Hey - love your blog - thanks for commenting on mine! XOXO