Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Flickr Find! Gotta love 'em and most of us love 'em a lot! Here are some inspiring pics for the most shoe-obssesed of us all.

self reflection, originally uploaded by Desideria.

RED SHOES, originally uploaded by nikaa.

Running ahead of oneself, originally uploaded by orangeacid.

spring, please!, originally uploaded by Desideria.

Flowers in a green field, originally uploaded by nhburdick.

Hi Top Rainbow, originally uploaded by MykReeve.

agent orange, originally uploaded by Monkey Magic.


freshie & zero said...

Be still, my heart. Shoes are another weakness of mine and these are some fabulous photos!

JLC Studio said...

Thanks Freshie! I found a lot of great photos of shoes but these are my favorites...I'm having closet envy now too!

Heather Buchanan said...

OH MY GOD! Best post on any blog ever. Especially that first photo... I could die. Thanks so much for sharing! Oh shoes, how I love thee!

ThePeachTree said...

Adding you to my "links you'll love" :) Hope you don't mind!!

Jared in Kansas said...

I broke one of my cardinal rules today and wore uncomfortable shoes to work. I was so glad to get home and change them. :)

Femme Details said...

OMG... I love shoes... lovely pics!!!!

Home Hooked Creations said...

You picked a wonderful selection of shoes. I love the colors and the styles! I love shoes, but I guess who doesn't?

Barbra said...

Just when I convinced myself not to dare buy any more shoes for awhile I see your post...thanks!!!

JLC Studio said...

Thanks're so sweet!

I don't mind at all Peach Tree...I added you to mine as well!

I know what you mean Jared, I try to wear comforable shoes too but sometimes they're too cute to pass up!

Thanks Femme!!

Home hooked, I couldn't agree more!

Sorry to be an enabler Barbra ;)

Alicia said...

I adore all of these! What a great post.