Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Little Birdie Told Me...

I just knew the second I saw these little birdies via The Finer Things blog, that I had to share! These could quite possibly be the cutest things I've ever seen (aside from anything my niece and nephew have ever made, of course!). Visit the Etsy shop of Cotton Bird Designs to check out these precious guys...while I'm not quite sure where I will put them, I'm most definitely going to be making a purchase in the near future. These little sweeties are made from vintage fabric, maps, crossword puzzles and other types of paper and then given delicate wire feet and embroidered eyes. There are even birdies dressed in little waistcoats and bow ties...I'm seriously going to faint from all the cuteness!!

Vintage Linen and Lace Fabric Bird

Waistcoat and Bow Tie Fabric Bird (quite possibly the one that will do me in!)

Map Paper Bird

Silk Hearts and Kisses Lovebirds

Tickets Paper Bird

Crossword Paper Bird


Kati said...

I'm glad you like! I was cleaning out my bookmarks the other day and knew I had to share!

JLC Studio said...

Thanks for doing so, you always have such great things to share...I love your blog!