Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Designer of The Month-Shelton and Mindel

Well, last month I was so busy that I skipped posting the designer of the month!! This month I want to make up for that in a big way! I decided to post my most favorite and, arguably, most influential modern design firms practicing today. Shelton Mindel and Associates is comprised of Lee Mindel and Peter Shelton, two architects whom I greatly respect and admire. All one has to do is look at one or two of their interiors to see why they deserve so much respect.

Their interiors are clean, uncluttered and distinctly light and inviting. Their signature look marries seamless architecture with incredible furnishings and art by design greats such as Prouve, Perriand, Royere, Kjaerholm, Jacobsen and Kahn (just to name a few). I think the reason I admire them so much is for this very reason. It's quite hard to find a design team which is so well versed in both the architecture of the house as well as the elements that go into the home. Shelton and Mindel seem to do this effortlessly. This incredible talent goes a long way in assuring that one is left with an overall sense of the space as a whole rather than the individual items that make up the space.

In addition to their design projects, Shelton and Mindel have also produced a plumbing line for Waterworks and a furniture line for Knoll. I'll do a post in the coming weeks on each of these lines and companies, but today, I wanted to focus on the beautiful architecture and interiors.

Here are just a few of the projects this incredible duo has produced throughout their partnership, and, if you are left wanting even more, I highly recommend visiting their gorgeous website.

images from Architectural Digest


Wildwood Girls said...

Ooo, me likey. I especially like the room with the walls of windows. I so would be in there every day if i had that room.

Jane said...

I can't imagine living in any of those rooms. I think the spaces are too big.


diana @ please sir said...

I can see why...great interior pictures!

design for mankind. said...


Ivey Handcrafted said...

omg I want all those rooms.....WOW! Thanks for posting - tons of inspiration there!

{this is glamorous} said...

Beautiful! Clean, fresh, and modern.