Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Flickr Find

So I know I skipped my Friday Flickr Find for the last couple of weeks and I apologize for that!! I really had to cut back on blogging while I was preparing for my show but I promise that I'm back and will be posting as usual!!

This week's Flickr Find was inspired by Inspiration. It's all about nature...namely trees, my favorite natural wonder. I love photos of trees and have them scattered all over my bedroom (it's kind of a thing). I'm truly inspired when I look at these photos...I think it helps me to remember the glory of God and the strength and beauty of His creation! Have a great weekend everyone!

Lake Shore Redux, originally uploaded by Cheap Camera Tricks.

The avenue in mist and sun, originally uploaded by algo.

fall, originally uploaded by sapaho.

Moonshine, originally uploaded by squatchman.

Lonely Tree, originally uploaded by aremac.

The famous maple, originally uploaded by Just Peachy!.

Spooky, originally uploaded by coba.

icelandic summer beginning, originally uploaded by johann Smari.

"V", originally uploaded by Lars van de Goor.

i don't live here anymore, originally uploaded by Roland13.

Evil forest, originally uploaded by kiri :D.

The Wooden Monolith, originally uploaded by Harpagornis.

a winter summer (infrared), originally uploaded by mike.irwin.

one tree hill...summer, originally uploaded by in touch.

Birches, originally uploaded by HelenJr.

From inside a rainbow..., originally uploaded by jerikojosh.


diana @ please sir said...

Wow great finds! Thanks for your comment on the Living post. I hear ya about being stuck in a rut...I hope for both of us to get out soon - have a great weekend!

Jane said...

The "Evil Forest" picture reminds me of the hedge that grew up around Sleeping Beauty's castle. All these pictures are just beautiful!


Wildwood Girls said...

Yay, welcome back flickr find!! How I have missed you! Great pics as always:-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for blogging my Lakeshore Redux photo. What a pleasant surprise - I'm very flattered.

Cheap Camera Tricks

Julia said...

I have a soft spot for trees as well! I always feel closer to what is sacred when i'm surrounded by trees. Big or small!

SimplyGrove said...

These photos are stunning!! The winter summer photo takes my breath away!!!!!

Jane said...

I needed trees in a picture for ECRC next week, and went on Flickr to find one. I couldn't find these, but did come up with a nice one.

Anonymous said...

wow! these will make beautiful desktop backgrounds! you have a wonderful eye!