Monday, May 12, 2008

Things I'm Thankful For-81-100

Me and my nephew...

So I realize that I didn't post all 100 things I'm thankful for...(last week was insane!) But here it is, the final 20!!

81. My mommy!! Happy Mothers Day Mom!!
82. My new iPhone!!
83. Getting a great present from my sister...thanks sis!
84. Getting lots of jewelry made this weekend...(again-thanks sis!)
85. A new haircut!
86. A talented mom who is able to sew!
87. My cousin's safe delivery of her third baby last week (after numerous complications).
88. Getting to go to the Cubs game this week (for free!)
89. The special birthday song that was sung to me by my nephew...cutest thing ever!
90. Getting my Etsy orders in the' like Christmas!
91. The month of May!
92. Getting pampered :)
93. Getting flowers.
94. Design magazines, books and blogs (I've found so many inspiring things reading others' blogs).
95. Being totally caught up on my laundry.
95. Going to the movies with friends.
96. My Dad...thanks for the fun time this weekend!
97. The fact that the Sex and the City movie is only two weeks away!!
98. My bloggin buddies!
99. For every day that I am given!
100. The fact that I have been so blessed by God with a terrific family and fabulous friends!


design for mankind. said...

What a great reminder of everything we have--- thank you! :)

Julia said...

This blog is so inspiring to me! What a great list, makes me think: Oh, here's another thing I'm thankful for: JLC Studio's blog!

Off to bookmark you :)

Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

What a cute picture. Isn't being an Aunt the best?

I am so agreeing with you on all of these. I hope your enjoying your iPhone. Yea!!!!

diana @ please sir said...

I'm thankful for design inspiration too! Great list.

JLC Studio said...

Thanks for the great comments everyone! I find so much inspiration on all the blogs I read too!