Monday, May 5, 2008

Desk Chair Dilemma

So I've been spending so much time at my home computer lately that I feel it's time to break down and purchase a new desk chair. Unfortunately, I have (as my dad would call it) "champagne taste" on a beer budget. If I had all the money in the world, these are a few of my favorite choices (a girl can dream, right?):

Of course, my all-time favorite has got to be the Herman Miller Aeron Chair (which I use at work). This is by far the most comfortable desk chair I've ever used!

The Axess Plus chair designed by Antonio Citterio for Vitra.

The Meda Chair designed by Alberto Meda also for Vitra.

Saarinen Executive Chair for Knoll.

MV9 Swivel Chair for HBF, I used this when I worked for them and it was actually very comfortable.

Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair for Herman Miller.

Eames Soft Pad Chair for Herman Miller.

Hudson Swivel Arm Chair for Emeco (this doesn't look that comfortable but is surprisingly not bad-one of our clients has one).

Fortunately for me, there are some great, affordable options from various companies. Some are pretty blatent copies (Target?) but others are cool original designs. Which one to get...this is my dilemma!

Chicago Office Chair from Target.

Gregor Desk Chair from Ikea.

Swivel Leather Desk Chair from West Elm.

Studio Office Chair from CB2.

Patrick Arm Chair also from Ikea.

Surf Office Chair also from CB2.

Tiburon Office Chair also from Target.


Cicada Studio said...

Mine is similar to the West Elm- got it from Crate & Barrel. To do it again, I'd probably get one similar to the soft pad Eames type... my body appreciates the comfort more and more as time goes on!

The Willards said...

Wow, the Target knock-offs look pretty good, but let me know if you want the real things and I can get them for you through DWR, although I am sure Michael could get them for you too. My vote is one of the Eames knock-offs because I love their designs.

Jane said...

I like the Tiburon from Target, but would you get it in white? (Did you know Tiburon means shark?)


diana @ please sir said...

Fun - great chair finds! Yeah the Target ones do look good!

SimplyGrove said...

I really like the target knockoff!

Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

My vote is for the Gregor Desk chair from Ikea. The Target one on the bottom looks pretty cool too!

Hey, a girls gotta look good, even in her desk chair:)

Jamie said...

The Aeron is nice, isn't it? Herman Miller does have other chairs that are a bit more reasonably priced--have you seen the Mirra? At work, we have the Mirra in all of our conference rooms. They really support your back and they come in bright colors! Free 3 day shipping isn't half bad either. I was thinking of getting a neon green one for my home office. I don't know if that falls into your "beer budget"--but it's a freakin' nice chair!