Sunday, May 4, 2008

Things I'm Thankful For-61 through 80

My Dad and me (way back when...check out that plaid chair baby!)

61. Getting to see my grandparents on Friday when they stopped while driving through to Michigan from Arizona (and the fact that they had a safe trip).
62. My new sofa (which was delivered Saturday) and the cheap (but good) movers I had deliver it!
63. Fun and challenging projects I get to work on both at work and in my side businesses.
64. My best friend (and her husband) who I soooo do not get to see enough!
65. My church and the great people who belong to it.
66. The smell of fresh cut grass.
67. Watching my niece and nephew play at the park, and playing with them (which I did today!).
68. Electricity!
69. A new haircut!
70. Having weeks of vacation saved up that I get to take off very soon!
71. of the restaurants we designed is on the cover of Chicago Magazine right now!!
72. Any music I can dance to (and some that I can't!).
73. A new little addition to our extended family...Congrats Derek and Lisa!!
74. Backpacking through the Appalacian Mountains (an experience I will never forget...
75. The amount of money I just saved on my most recent bead purchase (I got like half off a huge order!).
76. Finding a great bargain.
77. That I'm happy with who I am but have the ambition to improve and strive to reach the crazy goals I set for myself!
78. The fact that I've actually managed to keep in touch with some of the friends I had in high school...
79. My parent's dog, Cubby (I guess he's mine too...they had him when I lived there)!
80. My organizational skills.


Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

What a cute picture of you and your dad:)

Wildwood Girls said...

Ew, I remember that hideous lamp/end table combinations. Didn't we accidentally break the glass on that thing?

Congrats on the magazine cover! I didn't know that!

Jane said...

Cubbie loves you back! Also, bead shopping without me? What did you get! LOL


Jane said...

I'll have you know that that plaid chair was the height of fashion! Where did you get your beads?, and Where are you going on vacation?

Inquiring minds want to know.