Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekly Win It-Pretty Sweet Designs-WINNER!!

And the winner is:


Congratulations Melissa!! I will be sending you an email with details about claiming your wonderful earrings from Pretty Sweet Designs!

FYI-I entered in the number of entries (less two for one anonymous entry and one entry by Pretty Sweet herself!) into the Random.Org integer generator at precisely 9:00 p.m.

Thanks to everyone who entered (a record breaking 48 entries!!!!) and don't forget to enter this weeks give-away!


Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

Jen, I'm so excited to have one the random drawing. And out of 48 comments, that's awesome girl. Your blog is looking fabulous! Have you done some more work too it?

JLC Studio said...

Thanks Melissa! I did do some work this weekend-I figured out how to add three columns and started accepting ads from some wonderful shops to feature on the new side bar...I'm so excited at how it turned out!

48 comments is a new record...Judith rocks!! Hope you enjoy your new earrings girl! Thanks for commenting!

Pretty Sweet Designs said...

hey jen!! whoo hoo!! 48 comments! wow! lol. we did a great job pimping your blog. lol.

congratulations melissa! :D