Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things I'm Thankful For-21 through 40

My niece and nephew

21. Kind and generous people! Thanks for all your comments everyone...you're the best!!!!!!!!
22. The smell of baking chocolate cookies!
23. Art and those who create it...
24. Being able to talk to my closest friend's about anything
25. Having a sense of humor
26. Terrific parents who have been married 32 years and have raised my sister and I to be well adjusted human beings!!
27. Getting two tax refunds...Whooo Hoooo!!! (I usually don't even get one!)
28. Great music and even better musicians
29. The ability to laugh at myself when I do something stupid
30. My new printer!!
31. The terrific people who have participated in my Weekly Win It series...you guys rock!
32. The sound of a baby or little kid laughing (especially when being tickled!)
33. My love for grammer and writing
34. Drawing and sketching
35. Shopping
36. Etsy!!
37. My great relationship with my Dad and the fact that we know what each other is going to say when we make fun of things we see on t.v. (we're a couple of smart aleck's-same sense of humor!)
38. Coffee!!!!!!
39. My handwriting (architecturally inspired!)
40. The fact that my mom and I have grown closer over the past few years and have a lot more in common! She got me into jewelry making!!


Wildwood Girls said...

Who are those gorgeous children? Their parents must be supermodels! (heehee:-)

T said...

This is great! Such a wonderful way to stop and remember the little things that make life so lovely. (Here's to coffee!!)

Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

Jen, I am so glad you are doing these post's. They are so sweet and we get to know more about you.

I love what you said about your dad. I love that you have a smart-alec sense of humor. Girl, we would get a long great:)