Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Project 101-Results...

As promised, here are the before and after shots of the project I posted about yesterday. I love how this space turned out and the client actually had a lot to do with the colors and furniture that was added (while I love what she went with, it's not typically our firm's style)...the architecture, however, is all us! I love the white mill work and trim against the dark wood flooring and crisp white stonework. And check out those lake views!!!!! This is one of our favorite buildings to work in (I think we're up to ten projects in this building alone!). Be sure to check back as I post more of the work I do at my "day job" and thanks for reading!!

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Kitchen/Living Room After

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Dining Room After

Master Bathroom Before

Master Bathroom After

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom After

Guest Bathroom Before

Guest Bathroom After

Baby's Room Before

Baby's Room After

And just for fun, I thought I'd throw in my portfolio page of this place! Here it is:


Cindy said...

Wow! I don't think I've ever seen any pictures of this place! I think this is one of my favorite projects out of all of them that I have seen for MRI! When do you get to house sit that place? Jk :-)

irene.s said...

i love before and after..amazing.lots of light and pastel colors, gorgeous.
p.s. the ad looks great, btw!
i'd like to feature you on my blog :)

Melissa Lewis-Off The Wall said...

Oh My Jen!!! Love, Love LOVE!!!!! These are great. You are so talented! With each picture I saw, I was blown away with the beauty of it all:)

T said...

Oh my stars! That is gorgeous!!!! I'm ready to move right in :) Wonderful work Jen!!

Ivey Handcrafted said...

so when can I move in! That is beautiful - so crisp and clean! Your day job ROCKS! XOXO

Bunny B said...

Gorgeous place! I love what you did to it! Amazing! I wanna live there!!! :P

luluvillage said...

That is fantastic! Great to have shots of before and after-you can really see the difference a creative eye makes!

Cicada Studio said...

Whoa, this is some serious decorating. Fantastic work!! What a fun project, though I can see it was a lot of work. Well worth it.

S.HOPtalk said...

This is my first time to your blog...how could I have missed it. What an amazing before and after...your work is gorgeous.

I will be back. :)

Boutique Flair said...

I want to jump in there and LIVE. I LOOOOVE it. You are just oozing with talent...jewelry and interior. I envy you! Beautiful talent!!!

************************************* said...

Wow Jen! I remember taking measurements with you of this place and can't believe the transformation. You guys did a great job! I miss working with you, even if it was brief!

Annie said...

This is gorgeous! Great blog!

JLC Studio said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!!! I love sharing my work with everyone...it makes it even more worth it!

My said...

STUNNING..... Can you come over and decorate my place.