Thursday, April 17, 2008


I absolutely LOVE music...I can't live without it, and, as you can see from above, I listen to all types! I don't really even think I can work, design or create without mind wanders too much when it's completely quiet (I don't think my boss gets this about me!). When I saw a post by Rachel on Black Eiffel about "spring cleaning" her iTunes, and her request for people to share their top five songs, I was inspired to do the same here! So, here are my top five (from my most played list):

1. Sand in My Shoes-Dido (Hani Num Mixshow-Dance Mix)
2. When the Dawn Breaks-Narcotic Thrust
3. Starlight-Muse (I don't know why this isn't my top-I listen to it constantly!)
4. Seven Days in Sunny June-Jamiroquai
5. Stranger Than Fiction-Bad Religion

(Yeah, the top songs are a combo of dance music and alternative...that's just how I roll...)

Okay, I want to know what all of your top fives are! Leave a comment with the five most played songs from your iTunes list so we can all see what sort of music everyone listens to!! Don't be shy!


Cicada Studio said...

My top 5 changes weekly, but these songs have been in heavy rotation:

Brighter Than Sunshine- Aqualung
Is There A Ghost- Band of Horses
Koko- Goldfrapp
Life Is Beautiful- Vega4
Falling- Nitin Sawney

I'm mellowing with age, it's apparent thru my music choices! Either that, or it's the one place I can find peace and still be active.

T said...

You do have quite a mix! (I LOVE Tori - I saw her up there - Yay!)

I share my iPod with my husband so I have a mix of both of our tastes on my top 5, but he has good taste so I'll share it anyway :)

1. Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley
2. Cry - Angie Aparo
3. Delicate - Damien Rice
4. The Outsider - Perfect Circle
5. Screaming Infidelities - Dashboard Confessional

Cindy said...

I've never actually looked at the play count on my iTunes so it surprised me when I did. I usually have my ipod on random so I don't know how indicative these results are of my favorite songs. Here we go:

1. Where is the Love - Black Eyed Peas feat. Justin Timberlake
2. I Wanna Love You - Akon feat. Snoop Dogg
3. Glamorous - Fergie
4. The King of Wishful Thinking - Go West
5. The Warrior - Patty Smyth

Tizzalicious said...

I only just got Itunes, so I have no most played list yet. I can tell you the #1 will be a Hanson song though! And then probably Mando Diao and The Killers :)

JLC Studio said...

Cicada-great songs! I love Goldfrapp!!!! I'll have to give the others a listen!

T-I'm listening to Tori as I type this! She's fabulous!! And I also LOVE Damien Rice...9 Lives and Rootless Tree are my favorites (don't know if that's your or your husband on that one!!!)

Cindy-I'm surprised you don't have kids music in your top! But I love that Go West song!! I'm surprised at the Patty that your anthem?? LOL-JK!

Tizz-I totally was listening to the Killers at work today when I got your comment...I love them! My nephew used to sing "Somebody Told Me" when he was like two (it was the cutest thing!) I'll have to try to find Mando Diao (I looked on Rhapsody today but I couldn't find it!). I saw your post about Hanson so that wouldn't surprise me!!

Thanks for the comments...this is so interesting to me!