Sunday, January 27, 2008


Well they're forecasting snow for the midwest over the next few days and that got me thinking about snowflakes which got me thinking about all the great products I've come across lately that remind me of snowflakes. So instead of complaining about more snow (hey, at least it's not supposed to be 20 below zero, right?) I feel inspired to share some of the things I've been finding. Some of the items look just like a snowflake while others are similar enough to evoke their delicate and beautiful forms. Man, I really hope we don't get buried!!

Snowflake pillow by Thomas Paul.

Palmette table lamp from Folkform.

Queen Anne's Lace earrings by Ted Meuhling.

Helsinki Blue print by Polaroid and Pinholes

Snowflake Gloves through Monsoon.

Mandala Tibetan rug from Madeline Weinrib Atelier.

Node Bowl made by Cake which I saw on the Supermarket website (thanks to The Style Files for introducing me to this great resource for design)

Let it Snow magnets from Aerie Fairy.

White Coral dinnerware and accessories designed by Ted Meuhling for Nymphenburg Porcelain.

Jill Alberts Medallion Earrings in 18K White Gold featuring diamond accents.

Meri side table from Oly Studio in pierced white resin.