Sunday, January 20, 2008

Amazing Artwork!!

Occasionally, in my full-time interior design job, we are asked to advise clients on artwork to purchase for their homes. Of course, each client has their own style and taste in art, which is what makes life so interesting!! Here are a few artists that I have fallen in love with lately while searching for various homes we've been working on (a lot of the artwork was discovered by my boss on his trip to Art Basel in Miami this past he lucky or what!).

We've got a fairly young client with a broad, modern taste that we have been working with on a large condo in the city. The artwork has been the finishing touch on a home that is a study in high-tech, modernism with a slight mid-century twist. We have just installed pieces from these artists throughout his home:

Kim Keever

These are digital photographs of "scenes" created by the artist in a fishtank...yes, a fishtank. Keever meticulously crafts these miniature landscapes using twigs, bonsai trees, sand, resin and other materials and adds water which he then injects with dyes to create surreal clouds and incredible effects. He lights the piece and takes a series of photographs within a time frame of thirty minutes, sometimes only producing one or two usable photos. He then manipulates the image slightly in photoshop and blows it up to a large scale for a finished image size reaching up to 47" x 71" (we could hardly fit one of the pieces in the freight elevator at our client's building). It's really hard to believe that these are pictures of an imaginary landscape rather than an actual one...Amazing!!

Petroc Dragon Sesti

Aside from having an interesting name, Dragon Sesti is known for his avante garde sculptures. The pieces above are his latest creations and we are extremely excited to be able to be installing the spherical sculpture in our client's gallery. These amazing and breathtaking pieces are created using glass bell jars and spheres which are mounted on a pedestal housing a turbine engine. The clear glass pieces are filled with oil and then the turbine is turned on creating a perpetually spinning art installation. These pieces are truly mesmerizing!

These artists and their work (along with many others) can be viewed at Carrie Secrist Gallery.

Kim Dorland

Kim Dorland is a canadian artist whose work has been described as "Dude, skip school and get down here". His recent collection depicts scenes of "Generation Y" participating in acts of everyday life (at least according to one person's definition). His artwork is about the paint more than the defined figure and is marked by crude figures and slashes of color. You can see more of his work at Kasia Kay Art Projects Gallery.


Jane said...

The pieces by Kim Keever are fascinating. Thank you for sharing!