Wednesday, January 23, 2008

JLC Studio Jewerly

Okay, you can see that I have a passion for interior design, but I have also been making jewelry lately and someone suggested that I blog about that (okay, it was my mom-yes, I still take advice from my mother, she's usually right). So here are a few of the pieces that I have created over the past few months--I'll post more later but wanted to put a few up now. (Thanks Mom).

I'm really proud of these Caramello earrings and wear them all the time (I have a pair for myself). They are made from tortishell rings with faceted blue and gold rondelle beads in the center. I like how modern they look.

This was my very first idea for earrings after having seen these little charms in a bead shop my mom "dragged" me too (little did I know I'd become so addicted). They are little chinoiserie Koi Fish dangling from ear-wires featuring saffron yellow gems. They're so cute and their little bodies actually move!.