Thursday, June 5, 2008

Matchbook Sign Language

I found this while randomly surfing the Internet and thought it was too cool not to share.

These are matchbooks that artist, J.F. Keller found on the street and manipulated to form a sign language alphabet (plus and added extra that's not so nice!). Very cool!!

Here are some other projects by the same artist:

Live Free or Die

Typeface for a New York Times article

Harmen Liemburg Lecture Poster


Jane said...

I like the matchbooks except for the last one, of course. I've always thought that 26 letters is an awkward number to put into a grid. Alphabet samplers have to play around with arrangements, either combining or skipping letters 4x6 or 3x3 is 24, missing 2; 5x5 is 25, missing one, the only way to arrange 26 is 2x13, and that's ugly. He had to fill out his grid of 2x9 with something!

design for mankind. said...

Awesome post, dearie! :)

Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall said...

So interesting! Can you imagine the time it took to do that:)

That Girl Designs said...

this is some wonderfully unique art! glad you shared.

diana @ please sir said...

These are SO neat - love the matchbook one - clever!

Nabeel said...

yes I posted about this a long time ago. Extremely creative and clever. No such cool exhibitions ever take place in chicago.