Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Flickr Find

I don't know about you, but we had some crazy weather around here Monday night!!! Actually, we've had quite a few bad storms this year which prompted me to do a collection of images on said subject. I'm sooo not a fan of thunderstorms, wind, toranadoes...well, you get the picture! We had a HUGE storm come through our area on Monday night which spanned over most of Chicago, the surrounding suburbs and northeast Indiana (near where my parents live and work). I'm thankful that all my friends and family made it through okay and avoided any serious damage (which is not the case in a few towns not to far from my parents and my sister!). I ended the set with a picture of a rainbow just as a reminder of God's promise and protection.

Hope you have a wonderful (and safe) weekend!

waiting for the storm, originally uploaded by torontofotobug.

And then it rained, originally uploaded by PixelBoy.

Clouds over Oklahoma - 2, originally uploaded by khayman68.

Ups!, originally uploaded by *PablöF*.

downtown lightning, originally uploaded by wvallen.

Grand Canyon Thunderstorm, originally uploaded by jwoodphoto.

one would., originally uploaded by antimethod (cole rise).

Hail storm, originally uploaded by daneen_vol.

Showing Off, originally uploaded by TingyWende.

, originally uploaded by scottintheway.

Extreme Instability, originally uploaded by Waltzing Broomhilda.

Another Rainy Day, originally uploaded by Special.


Jane said...

The last picture reminds me of our trip to Tierra del Fuego, in the 1960s. G & G have a picture just like that.

That Girl Designs said...

WOW! Each and everyone of them! Happy weekend.

please sir said...

Lovely finds - and great new header!

Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall said...

I love these, especially the double rainbow!

BTW, love your new banner and logo! Very cool:)

Jennifer Ramos said...

WOW that rainbow shot is STUNNING and so crisp!

Jen Ramos
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